Nude Nail Polish Fave – Sapporo x Mavala

Malava Nail Polish in Sapporo Nude Polish Review 1 - Harlem Loves Blog

Mavala’s Sapporo nude nail polish has put a rather sophisticated spring in my step. In fact, I would even go so far as to say Mavala nail polishes are my absolute favourite right now…

Malava Nail Polish in Saporo Review - Harlem Loves Blog

They dry super fast, are hard-wearing when applied with the base and top coats, and seem to never lose that gorgeous glossy finish. They also come in these cute mini bottles, which is just the right amount so that you can finish the bottle before it dries out.

I’ve spotted Mavala around in John Lewis and Boots for £4.50 but if you want to save yourself 50p they’re just £4.00 from my new favourite online store Beauty Bay (who also offer free worldwide delivery!). Comment or tweet me and let me know if you decide to treat yourself.

Malava Nail Polish in Sapporo Nude Polish Review 3 - Harlem Loves Blog

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