The Tresstastic: Vogue’s Bookings Associate Simone Setteh x Vogue have posted a lovely editorial featuring their bookings associate, Simone Setteh. Amongst other things she shares a great tip she learned about applying makeup and talks about her gorgeous natural hair…

Alice Lane once told me that paintings at art museums are the best reference for learning how to apply makeup. If you look closely at a Botticelli or a Raphael you can see that the artists always highlighted with paint certain areas of the face, like the cupid’s bow (the curve of the upper lip) or the inside and outside corners of the eyes because that’s where light naturally hits and where the beauty lies.

I get my hair cut by Dickey at Hair Rules salon in Manhattan. He’s my curly-hair guru! About a year ago, I made the impulsive decision to completely shave my head. Although a cute and totally low-maintenance look, I’ve decided to grow it back out again, and Dickey is helping me rediscover all the fun I can have with my coily curls—such as adding accessories like a scarf from time to time.


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