The Tresstastic: Solange Knowles’ Hair

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So Solange Knowles has shaved off her hair and I so applaud her for it.

Part of me thinks I shouldn’t have to applaud her for it because ideally this shouldn’t be a huge deal, it should be part of norm but I guess that’s wishful thinking in celebville (it definitely is in my Gran’s house, this cut would be a huge no no).

I personally am all for variety in hair styles. I’d so love to see more canerows, fros, twists and plaits, and not just because a person’s releasing a neo-soul album but just because providing it’s healthy any artist should be able to wear their hair long, short, kinky, straight or wavy and be complimented for it rather than defined by it.

Anyway Solange I salute you and thank you for launching the first of my Tresstastic posts with this bold move against the status quo.

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