The Tresstastic: Shingai Shoniwa – Natural Hair, Vintage Style

Shingai Shoniwa. Great voice, great style and great hair. I just love it.

Still, there’s a little voice in the back of my head saying ‘why does it have to be so revolutionary for a black woman to front a band rocking natural hair’? Of course every woman’s entitled to make their own decision about how they style their hair. I’m not demanding Beyonce free the fro or anything but I just wish there were more women with natural hair visible in the media. In mags, adverts, tv shows… one day maybe.


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  • Reply May 6, 2010


    Shinghai is an inspiration to me. From her hair down to her style. She’s evidence that dressing with attitude can also be BEAUTIFUL. I love the African Print earrings and I spot a jacket by Amechi Ihenacho… yup I know my African Designers!


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    I like her style.

  • Reply May 9, 2010


    “As I get older, I’m more comfortable in my own skin.”
    ~Shingai Shoniwa

    The Afro/natural hair is revolutionary, liberating and self-defining and any woman who reclaims her own idea of beauty is doing just that. It’s not a problem for those of European heritage, it’s a huge problem for those of African heritage who have been indoctrinated with their standard of beauty and believe that there is something wrong with our features.

    It doesn’t matter that we don’t see our natural hair celebrated in the mainstream media, it’s more important that we start seeing it in media targeted toward people of color.

    One thing that is very important and that is, we must stop looking for everyone else in the world to define us in the hopes that they will include us and accept us. The only one who can; should and will define us are the individuals who are staring at us in the mirror.

    • Reply May 10, 2010


      Such a beautiful statement Vonmiwi and so true, Love the quote

  • Reply May 10, 2010


    She is definately and inspiration to me! It’s not often I see women who look like me in the media…. I adore her fashion sensibility, hair and music! Hope she continues to be succesful!

  • Reply May 16, 2010


    She makes my heart bleed , love her unique flair and style…. i share your sentiment. even still, I just wish there was more visibility for black style in mainstream media. it often bothers me that in a sea of style icons, the mainstream style media picks the ‘token’ black face to be stylish , a token who has to almost fly to make it into a circle where most of the ppl there have had to walk right into.

  • Reply July 1, 2010


    This girl is beyong beautiful

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