The Style: Michelle Obama Inauguration Evening Gown

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Awww the first dance was so beautiful and what a gorgeous dress too. Finally the months of anticipation were rewarded as Michelle Obama wore a white chiffon gown by designer New York based designer Jason Wu.

The choice of designer seems to be in keeping with her trend for choosing emerging and non-traditional designers and I like the fact that she’s bringing these unexpected names to the forefront. For 26-year-old Wu this must be quite a day for celebrating.

Personally, I thought the one shoulder aspect, colour and flow of the gown were all together stunning but was a little less keen on the fluffy applique which from a distance gave the dress an unfortunate bobbly appearance.

Nevertheless she looked fabulous and her husband definitely thought so as he started his address to the Neighborhood Ball at Washington’s Convention Center by saying: “First of all, how good-looking is my wife?”

The dress will eventually be donated to the Smithsonian but with 10 balls to go to, you can’t say she didn’t get any wear out of it.

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