The Stationery: Paper Record Player Wedding Invitation

Yes! You read right. I’m about to post about a wedding invitation that is a record player… made of paper. A-maz-ing and gorgeous too…

This beautiful piece of design genius was created by a Ms Kelli Anderson. Here’s what she had to say about the project:

I just finished up a really fun project—a paper record player wedding invitation! In the booklet-style invitation, a bit of paper-folding amplifies the sound of a sewing needle moving along the grooves of a flexidisc record. The hand-spun record yields a garbled, but scrutable listening of a original song by the couple. It requires a bit of tinkering and folding —effectively championing the inner science-nerd kid in the recipient. The whole thing serves as an interactive packaging for the song—which can be experienced on the paper record player, unscrewed + set on a regular turntable, or enjoyed online (for the non-nerds and/or audiophiles out there.

Watch the video to see it in action.

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    Oh my! This is the most original and adorable wedding invitation!!!
    Thanks for sharing.


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