The Quotes: Newly-engaged Meagan Good talked to God about future husband

Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin engaged

So today don’t be surprised if the men in your life are a little somber. News has broken that actress, Meagan Good is engaged to Sony Executive DeVon Franklin and I couldn’t be happier for them. Especially after reading this quote reported in the Daily Mail:

The next guy I meet is (going to be my) husband and I already talked to God about that.

I was like, “Check this out Lord, I know what you want for me,” and he really wants a man that has completely sold out for Christ for me, who can help me improve and be better than I am.

What a beautiful testimony! It’s so encouraging to see her prayer was answered as now she is due to be married to DeVon, a Seventh-day Adventist speaker (watch his story above).

Congrats and salutes to them both! And as an Adventist myself I just want to say to Meagan welcome to the family and feel free to visit us at Kennington any time.

I should point out though that Adventists, like most groups of people in the world (whether you’re talking about families, football fans or political parties) can range from extreme conservatives through to extreme liberals. So opinions on this marriage will vary depending on who you talk to.

Men especially may be unhappy about the union but that’s not an Adventist thing. In fact, I think today might need to be called ‘hug-a-brother’ day too as my male friends seem to have been struck by a sense of loss following this news…

There, there guys…

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