The Photograph: Monday Morning Motivation


So I was up at the crack of dawn this morning… well actually several hours before dawn now that we’re approaching the deepest darkest part of winter. 3:51 am and poof! I was just very, very awake.

I could be annoyed but so far it feels quite refreshing and almost preferable to the usual Monday morning feeling of holding on to the weekend with all my strength only to be abruptly dragged into a Monday by a louder than usual alarm (is it me or does the alarm always sound that much noisier on a Monday?).

After watching an episode of Strictest Parents where the family got up at the wee hours of the morning to do chores and prepare their lives for the day ahead, I’ve been somewhat motivated to do the same.

I like the idea of enjoying those early quiet hours doing something productive and starting the day feeling organised and alert rather than half asleep and harassed.

Anyway, apart from making me giggle the above photo (for which I have no details I’m afraid) captured the essence of how I’d love to wake up feeling on a week day. Today I’m almost there… though I can’t help fearing that at some point during today my mind’s going to start yelling “Why on earth did you get up so early!” and go on strike.

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