The Oddity: Blackbird – The browser for Black people

Blackbird - Browser Main
I am trying to be objective about the idea of a browser for black people but it’s just soooo odd.
Some people are calling it a digital apartheid while others argue it’s serving the needs of a community with its positive ethos to connect, empower and entertain.

Personally, I’m confused about what content it could possibly provide that I couldn’t find with Google?

Apparently a search for President Bush using the ‘Black search’ doesn’t return information about his policies or general dodginess as its top result, oh no no! It returns a video of President Black Bush, a skit by Dave Chapelle.

So no, I’m not entirely sure of the benefits of the Blackbird browser other than it’s always a pleasure to see black ambitions being fulfilled so for that I salute the creators Arnold Brown II, Frank Washington and H. Edward Young, Jr for their entrepreneurial spirit.

PS: Why do black sites always have to be white text on black backgrounds? Baffling…

[via SheenOnline]

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