The Music: Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come


I have to apologise for the absence of my Sunday throwback track yesterday. A close family member became scarily ill quite suddenly but fortunately made an equally speedy recovery so all is very well now.

So, better late then never is this track by Sam Cooke, the musical genius I wish I could have been the girl next door to.

Gorgeous, gifted and with a good sense of humour, I’ve already confessed that he would have filled all of my day dreams had I grown up in the 50s.

I’m also quite sure I don’t know how my mum got any work done with that kind of music playing around when she was a kid.Here he is singing a most legendary and poignant song in light of this week’s inauguration activities, A Change Is Gonna Come.

Coincidentally, this Thursday January 22, would also have been Sam Cooke’s 78th birthday.

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