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Whilst putting in my kinky twists (for the 1st time!) last night, I decided to watch Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford in the 1973 classic, The Way We Were…

Shockingly I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed it on the blog yet. It’s definitely one of my favourite films I own, so without further ado here’s my 5 on The Way We Were.

Two desperate people have a wonderful romance, but their political views and convictions drive them apart. – The Way We Were Synopsis, IMDB

  1. The relationship between Robert Redford (Hubbell) and Barbara Streisand (Katie) is so complex. Katie seems to fight both for and against the relationship, whilst for Hubbell it seems the things that he loves about her are also what makes things so challenging.
  2. Katie’s “can’t take a joke” Morosky.  She’s so pushy, can’t take a single joke about politics and has a great deal of contempt for the comfortably wealthy which are basically all of Hubbell’s friends yet she’s so incredibly vulnerable. One scene in particular, she calls Hubbell after they have a major break up. That scene by itself is enough.
  3. Hubbell “things come to easy” Gardner. It has to be said Redford was pretty well cast as the all-American jock who is likely to live a comfortable life with little effort. Yet it’s shown pretty early on during a short story class that, that’s a life he doesn’t necessarily like the idea of. No wonder he’s so refreshed by Katie.
  4. The political story is pretty fascinating. I can’t tell you many Hollywood films I’ve watched where the female lead is also the head of the student communist association. They don;t delve into it too deeply but enough to prompt a wiki search into the fascinating period of the Hollywood blacklist.
  5. That scene where Katie tells Hubbell she now gets her naturally curly hair ironed. “Does it hurt?” Hubbell asks with wide eyes. Raise a hand if you’ve ever had that conversation.

In the documentary (I have the special edition DVD) Barbara Streisand mentions that she was once told, if a film has 5 good scenes in it, it’ll be a hit. This film definitely has more than that and I’d highly recommend it for your movie library.

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    I LOVE this film. If ever I need a good cry, I’m all over it.

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