The Movie: Fast Girls x Noel Clarke (Trailer)

Smart move there Noel. Here we have a film that actually filled me with heartfelt excitement about this summer’s Olympics. Noel Clarke’s latest film, Fast Girls

I have to say up until this trailer the Olympics meant 3 things to me:

  1. A completely ridiculous logo
  2. A one-eyed mascot that looks like a mobile phone on legs.
  3. Traffic

None of the above has filled me with the greatest enthusiasm for the upcoming Games so I’ve been more focused on how I can avoid being in central London for the crucial period.

I have tried and failed to get tickets and even been on a tour of the stadium which is very, very impressive. But just when I start getting comfortable I’m bombarded with the logo/mascot debacle and a warning that my commute might stretch to 2 hours, and before you know it the sense of dread returns.

I think I’m also slightly anxious that the crazy branding is setting the tone of our opening ceremony. As the world watches I’ll be cringing as our wild and random attempts to showcase cool Britannia will be so ‘forward’ thinking it’d didn’t look where it was going, tripped into a puddle and was pushed onto the world stage in all its muddy and mascara-running glory.

Umm… so I think I’ve made it clear my expectations aren’t very high but that’s also good news. It shouldn’t take much for me to be pleasantly surprised.

Think I need to watch the trailer again. Honestly the logo/mascot never fails to take me to a dark place.

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  • Reply April 4, 2012

    lebo diseko

    Smart movie. Unfortunately it looks a bit dull to me. But nice to see he’s doing new things

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