The Giggles: Obama “Slow Jams The News” On Jimmy Fallon

I cannot believe my eyes. President Obama joins in a classic Jimmy Fallon skit to slow jam the news and I just. cannot. believe. my. eyes!

I mean is that even allowed? Do Presidents do skits? Apparently so. I guess it’s no less cheeky than some of the theatrics thrown around by David Cameron during PMQs but still, it’s not like they have Coldplay strumming in the corner.

But here we see the ‘Preezy of the United Steezy’ throwing down his policies, backed by the Roots. I’m totally shocked. Given the first US president I can recall is Reagan I can truly say I’ve never seen anything like it.

Seems like his campaign is determined to be fresh and innovative and this is definitely that…

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  • Reply April 25, 2012

    Jason Stuarts

    Hahahaha……this is way too funny.
    Thanks for sharing.


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