The Experience: I Want To Hula!

I was incredibly disappointed to discover recently that I can’t hula.

Whilst at a friends house, I succeeded in taking the Girlfriends-esque gathering down a notch as soon as I spotted her hula hoop peeking out from behind the sofa.

Before I could restrain that eternal-kid-hyped-on-sugar that lives inside me, I had grabbed the hoop and proceeded to attempt a successful hula before realising several tries later I just couldn’t get it to stay up.

I’m almost offended by the suggestion that the swivel of my hips isn’t good enough for a 2.99 ring of plastic. In fact it’s an embarrassment I can no longer bear. I, Harlem, refuse to be defeated.

So it’s my new challenge. To purchase a hula hoop and keep practicing till I’m an expert. I was prompted to blog this after I spotted Solange Knowles with the gold hula hoop pictured above.

Gold! Look how shiny it is! As I’ve confessed many times for someone with magpie tendencies like myself I am all over this dazzling circle of challenging fun.

As an added bonus I’m also told hula-ing (is that a word?) is a great toning exercise for the abdomen, butt and thighs so here’s to the honing of a new talent and a fitter physique.

[image via Necole Bitchie]

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