The Event Diary: Flawless. Chase The Dream. Peacock Theatre


So I’m posting this exactly a week late but still had to share. Flawless the dance group who competed in Britain’s Got Talent and starred in Streetdance 3D have their own show. And I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I didn’t know what to expect really but what I got was a good show and here’s my 5 on it…

1. I’m a big fan of dance shows my favourite being So You Think You Can Dance US (UK version is getting there… slowly). I just love the energy, their ability to stir up emotion, make music translate that little bit deeper and of course wow with high kicks, splits and other tricks. In that sense Flawless didn’t disappoint as there was plenty of all of the above.

2. Diversity! I’m not talking about Flawless’ competitors on Britain’s Got Talent but boys showed us everything from old skool foot shuffling to bare-chested, hardbodied krumping… *fans self*… ahem. Anyway the point being there was definitely something for everyone.

3. They played a little Closer by Goapele. Nuff said really.

4. Major highlights: One of the guys in the role of being a gang member performing a dance all about being true to yourself and becoming a better person (emotional), a park scene performance featuring a police officer and a street cleaner (hilarious) and the endless odes to Michael Jackson (classic!)

5. I tweeted about white gloves when I arrived. Super intrigued about what they were going to be for. Well in the 2nd half that was all made clear when the entire audience got instructed in a hand dance something like a cross between the macarena and soulja boy. Brilliant idea!

So that’s it. My only drawback was the Matrix dance, sorry to say but I didn’t think the fight choreography had enough punch. Some cool tricks but not as polished and lacked some of the fire of the rest of the show.

Anyway if you want to see what they’re all about and share your thoughts they’re at the Peacock Theatre till May 28.

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