The Event Diary: Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre at Sadler’s Wells

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As a belated birthday present from my family I had the enormous pleasure of going to see the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre perform at Sadler’s Wells.

If you follow my tweets you’d have witnessed my excitement and enjoyment of the show but I thought I’d better give a little more info.

My sister saw Alvin Ailey 8 years ago and has not stopped raving about it since. That’s right 8 years! Since then she’s been waiting for them to come around again so that I could share in her excitement.

I have to say considering I’ve had 8 years worth of anticipation I was not at all disappointed. I saw programme 2 which included performances called Hymn, Anointed, In/Side and Revelations, and enjoyed every minute of it.

There’s such a majestic quality throughout, and trust me I’m not just throwing out some over-enthusiastic compliment. The dancers literally enter and leave the stage with such an elevated poise,  it’s quite captivating and seems to be a trademark style to an Alvin Ailey performance, much like that slinky curvature is synonymous to Bob Fosse.

I found the video below on the Sadler’s Wells website where if you’re really quick you might still be able to find tickets for the show… It’s definitely worth it!

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