The Art: Would you make a child cry for art?

Photographer Jill Greenberg did. She gave them a lolly, took it away and as the tears began to flow she took photos of their exasperated “why-is-the-world-oh-so-cruel” faces.

The pictures, which featured in her 2006 exhibition entitled “End Times”, are striking; raw with the emotion we’ve all probably projected in our younger years, I know I did. In fact, I could probably describe my tearful tantrums as being somewhat artistic, my sister often mentions how she used to stare at me in awe and wonder at my passionate and unprovoked wails.

But the photos raised the question ‘is it right for the children to be prompted to cry for art?’ Whilst this is an old debate I’d love to hear your take on it.

Those against said it was wrong to manipulate a child’s emotions for such a thing, whilst those for it suggested children cry all the time and usually to get what they want so it’s even stevens. What do you think?

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