The Art: Introducing… BeyondGingerland .com

Aretha Rutherford: Autumn Garden

I’ve exciting news… very, very exciting… so exciting I’m currently trying to restrain myself from gushing to the point of being annoying so… *takes a deep breath of restraint*…. My sister has a website… it’s called Beyond Gingerland. And it features her art… *another deep breath*…

Beyond Gingerland is the “design journal of Aretha Rutherford”, my big sister and is long overdue in my opinion. She’s been working with graphics, pastels, photos, Pritt sticks and paper for as long as I can remember and produced some truly amazing pieces.

Now a small selection are available for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. And by you I don’t just mean my fellow Brits but you lovely international readers too :D (Yep, I see you Ghana and you too Tokyo).

And should you think I’m being biased, don’t just take my word for it… check out Amanda George’s comments on her gorgeous  blog The Audacity Of Color. *sigh* Happy times…

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