I’m going offline people! Eek!


I thoroughly missed blogging last week but wasn’t very well and now I’m off again on a much needed break so will be offline for a couple of weeks… Literally, offline! Should I be worried that I’m a tad worried about this…

Given I spend very working hour on some form of social media and quite often my spare time too my inner nerd is currently shivering in a corner and clawing onto the last workable moments of my iPhone before it enters a 3G-and-wi-fi-less abyss…. (thats definitely my inner nerd talking)…

The rest of me however is thoroughly ready to do nothing but relax… And do so indulgently… To be honest I think the inner nerd is coming round to the idea too.

So have a fab couple of weeks everyone and I hope to update you all when I return! I’ll miss ya xxx

PS I’m using WordPress for iPhone for the first time on this post so apologies if the formatting’s a bit off.

Amongst many other things, I'm a 30-something contemplative Londoner making the daily commute between contentment and ambition.When not blogging, I'm using my talents for good as communications director at Gingerland and co-founder of Love Harlem.

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