The Announcement: Harlem Loves on Holiday

So the not so great news is that there’ll be no post from me this week *sniffle sniffle*, but the superbly fantastically great news is that I am about to embark on an extremely overdue holiday *fan fair, applause and fireworks*.

Of course I will have to spend some time managing my blogging withdrawal symptoms but I will mostly be enjoying a very relaxing break in Wales.

In the meantime, do have a nose around through the archives, leave more of those comments I love and tell a friend.

Actually whilst I’m here can I applaud all 95 of my current followers you are truly cherished and it’s an absolute privilege to have you all sharing in this fun little blog with me. I’d give you all a great big squeezy hug if I could.

Much love to you all and I’ll see you in a little over a week.

H x

Amongst many other things, I'm a 30-something contemplative Londoner making the daily commute between contentment and ambition.When not blogging, I'm using my talents for good as communications director at Gingerland and co-founder of Love Harlem.

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