A’s for Anaemia, B’s for Blogging, C’s for Comic Book Heroes!


Comic Book Heroes? I’ll explain later firstly though I’d like to apologise for the unexplained absence. I’ve been unwell for a little while and have had to take some time off more recently with strict instructions to rest.

What’s the matter? Iron Deficiency Anaemia.Which if you’re unfamiliar, the NHS simply describes as:

Iron deficiency anaemia occurs when there is a reduced number of red blood cells because the body does not have enough iron to produce them. The main symptoms are tiredness and lethargy (lack of energy).

I’d probably expand on those symptoms a little and describe it as feeling like my body’s constantly trying to wade through molasses whilst my mind sputters like the fatigued engine of an old sports car. Then there are the headaches and dizzy spells and so on.

I won’t bore you with the details except to say it’s a strange thing to battle when you’re a bit of a fun junkie like myself. It’s like I’m hard-wired to look on the brighter side of things so at times even I’m in denial at how exhausted I am.

So for the past week and some I’ve been paying attention. Truly I’ve had little choice with the way I’ve been feeling. So I’m resting. Indoors. Barely left my house except a few quiet breaks out to relieve my growing cabin fever but I’m not complaining. I’m on a whole plan of action to kick it in the butt.

I’ve been anaemic for so long my doctor actually told me “You deserve to know what it’s like to have a normal level of energy”. Imagine that! I have untapped energy people! I feel like Wonder Woman! All I need is bed rest, iron supplements and a slightly revised diet and I’ll be flying.

It’s still early days and apparently it takes a while to kick in but in the meantime I might share a few of my favourite iron-rich munchies I’m feasting on to help my recovery.

Question: Anyone else anaemic? Would be great to hear your experiences…

Amongst many other things, I'm a 30-something contemplative Londoner making the daily commute between contentment and ambition.When not blogging, I'm using my talents for good as communications director at Gingerland and co-founder of Love Harlem.

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  • Reply September 26, 2011

    A Simple Thing

    Aw, I’m sorry you’re not well. I only ever used to get mildly anaemic but now my plant protein game is off the hook!
    My friend who is the tiniest, petitest vegetarian started eating like a bird for some reason and got seriously anaemic. Started near fainting everywhere. We demanded she go and see a doctor.When the did the iron floating test thingy, the doctor pointed to the bottom of the tube and said ‘This is where your blood should be” and then pointed to the very top and said “but this is where it currently is.” No bueno.

    I hope you feel better soon and that you have a steady and swift recovery :)

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