Psalm 90:17 a lesson in productivity and procrastination


It’s the start of the working week which brought to mind Psalm 90:17, one of my favourite productivity prayers; encouraging me to commit my day, work included, into God’s hands.

I should point out that this passage, given the original context and purpose of it, has a lot more to it than simply being a ‘work prayer’ but today I thought I’d share how it strikes me as a powerful yet simple reminder of two important things.

Commit your work into God’s hands.

This may seem like stating the obvious but work can be so all-consuming it’s quite easy to lose sight of God in the midst of it. This text has done a lot to remind me not to let work overwhelm God out of my life but instead entrust my work into his hands; to seek his influence and blessings over what I put my hands and mind to do.

Choose productivity over procrastination.

Secondly, we all have those seemingly laborious tasks that we find reasons to push further and further down our to-do lists. However, it came to me the other day that those may be the very tasks in which God has found an opportunity to bless, stretch and improve me, both in character and skill.

If I avoid them, I miss out on that blessing. In essence, how can the work of my hands be established if they’re not doing the work they’re supposed to?

So as I face another working week, this text will be my prayer and I hope it blesses you too.

Do you have a quote or bible text that encourages your working week? Post below x

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