Psalm 90:14 An Antidote To Anxiety

Psalm 90 verse 14

This is one of my favourite texts. A prayer I like to say to myself as I stir into consciousness at the start of the day; a promise I live to see fulfilled and a daily challenge…

Why a challenge?

Unfortunately because I find it so easy not be satisfied by God’s unfailing love. I easily steer into what is apparently called anticipatory anxiety. Worrying about where my life’s going, where I am now and what suddenly appears to be a rapidly growing chasm between the two.

But in reading this I am learning to be content not just in the now, but in God’s unfailing love. Let me rephrase that just to make sure it sinks in. God’s love. Never. Fails.


Unfailing Love

All those things I begin to get anxious over are in his hands, under his watchful eye, as am I, thankfully.

So I can breath. Relax. Set about living and working and surrendering all my cares into His unfailing love. With that in mind how can I not sing for joy and be glad all of my days.

Understand I don’t say this lightly either. I say this as someone who’s lost three family members in the past 16 months, the last of which happened only a week ago. Something like that can sink a person but as I mentioned when I blogged about the passing of my gran, love rather than time has been the greatest healer. So I’ll continue to pray daily for a satisfying dose of God’s unfailing kind.

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