#ILoveADRA and Sierra Leone

I saw #iLoveADRA floating around on the internet today. I thought the hashtag a great tribute to the work this non-profit has done over the years, and even now in responding to emergencies in the Philippines, Syria and South Sudan.

Just last week, a couple of friends recently travelled to Sierra Leone to distribute gift boxes as part of an  ADRA-UK annual charity event. One of them shared her experience in the video above alongside other volunteers and expresses what a life-changing experience it was to join in the work of this development and relief agency.

Why #iLoveADRA

ADRA’s annual gift box appeal encourages everyone but especially children to pack a box of gifts for a child in another country.

Given it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s a beautiful thing to see this kind of love in action. I truly wish ADRA-UK all the best as it continues to provide relief and development support to communities around the world.

Love In Action

If you want to get involved, the gift box appeal normally starts in the run up to Christmas. In the meantime, ADRA-UK are about to launch their annual appeal where you can help support their development efforts in Africa, Asia and the UK.

Specifically, funds collected from the 2014 annual appeal will go towards:

  1. Providing livelihoods in Myanmar. ADRA will help over 15 villages with little to no farming and no work, to set up food processing industries and train people in small-scale business skills.
  2. Supporting a women’s project in Zimbabwe. Provide 4 women’s maternal health shelters in existing hospitals in Zimbabwe and develop local amenities to improve support for over 40,000 patients..

The Annual Appeal begins March 29. For more information visit ADRA UK.


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