The #GlutenFreeFeb vs Endometriosis (Unexpected) Finale

#glutenfreefeb vs endometriosis the finale

This very overdue post has been sitting in draft for over a month (smh), hoping I’d find the time to finish it off properly but that didn’t quite happen, anyway  here it is at last…

I realise I’m updating you on my #GlutenFreeFeb experience at the beginning of March in the middle of April but I have good reason…

Firstly, to be honest I had to take a bit of break. My uncle passed away, the funeral was mid-Feb and it’s been a lot to deal with so I took a little time out.

Secondly, #GlutenFreeFeb became #GlutenFreeFebAndABitOfMarch. Why? Well the sole reason I began this experience was to see if it helped with my endometriosis symptoms and I was able to test that once my period started which rather frustratingly didn’t happen again till early March. So what was the conclusion?

#GlutenFreeFeb vs Endometriosis. The winner is…

In a strange turn of events, it appears to be neither. My endometriosis symptoms have improved significantly but I suspect gluten had very little to do with it.

Before I started #GlutenFreeFeb I started drinking green tea which I understood does wonders for blemish-prone skin (can cut acne by 50%). What I didn’t realise is that it’s apparently also good for endometriosis. So my experiment took a very unexpected detour.

Green Tea, Gluten and Endometriosis

I became suspicious in the first four days of #GlutenFreeFeb when I had my period. For the first time in a while, I was able to walk straight throughout the whole thing. For me this is not a minor achievement. Normally, the pain process has me starting off doubled over in pain and straightening up as the days go on and the pain recedes, a process visually akin to the evolution of man.  This time however the pain was at a minimum and I could stand upright and at ease. As I’d only been gluten-free (GF) a few days I thought it unlikely that the simple absence of gluten could have such a drastic effect but still wasn’t sure what did cause it.

Anyway after 30-something days gluten free my period arrived and I could check the effects of my commitment to a GF diet. Perhaps a bit too optimistically I was hoping for a pain-free experience which didn’t quite happen. What I did notice though is that I had my shortest period ever! Four days! I’ve known my period to last 10 days in the past, so this is quite remarkable and though I was in pain, I was able to take a lot less pain medication, so that’s another bonus.

The absence of gluten or the addition of green tea?

To help me figure it out, I’m continuing to drink green-tea but have reintroduced gluten. Bread, dumplings, roti, cereal, coconut tart, it’s all been going on. I did notice some nausea and bloating so I thought I’d cut to the chase and get a blood test done by at the doctor’s for celiac disease. Fortunately, this came back negative, unfortunately they said that can happen if you’ve recently been gluten-free (as I had been) and are gluten-sensitive rather than have full blown celiac-disease.

So that’s where I am now. Not entirely clear on whether or not I’m gluten-sensitive but having accidentally improved my symptoms with something else entirely. Ha! Who would’ve thought it.

So what’s next?

I have to say it’s been quite an unusual experience blogging about my period but I’m so grateful to others who have supported me with the challenge. I’ve received alot of helpful advice and encouragement from friends who I didn’t realise suffered from the same or similar conditions.

At the moment, I’m continuing to research various lifestyle and diet changes and will report back once I’ve tested the theory more.

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