The #GlutenFreeFeb Challenge Week 1

It’s official, #GlutenFreeFeb week 1 is complete! Done! Over! And surprisingly, thoroughly enjoyed! As promised, here’s a recap of the discoveries and delights of week 1…

Starting the #GlutenFreeFeb challenge

I have to say given my love of bread and the simple truth that I was not looking forward to this experience at all, I’m surprised how much I’ve enjoyed this week. In fact I have discovered 3 key things:

  1. It has been a lot less burdensome and a lot more ‘normal’ than I expected. I was bracing myself for immediate withdrawal symptoms but so far I’m actually enjoying it. I have a freezer full of delicious but gluten-loaded bagels (thanks mum! :p) and 3 boxes of cereal that I’ve only really thought about in this moment to tell you that they’re there otherwise they’re just not on my radar.
  2. Announcing the challenge on the blog has helped a great deal! Thank you and salutes to everyone who’s supported/joined in.
  3. I may actually be able to do this. I was surprised with how two lunch dates with friends (one of which was a baby shower) passed without any real challenge. I thought the temptations (being surrounded by baked goods galore) would overwhelm me but it turned out pretty well actually. I was blessed by both hosts to some other options and opting for pineapple over pastry and smoked salmon over spring rolls wasn’t so bad at all.

It’s too early to tell what impact the diet’s had on my health but I’m already considering extending it for another month but will see how I get on over the next few weeks.

A #GlutenFreeFeb Diet

So what did I eat? I’ve been trying to ensure I get a good mix of carbohydrates, good fats and proteins. Up until recently my diet’s been pretty carb-heavy so these days I’m focused on increasing my intake of healthy fats and protein.

My favourite for these are almonds, almond butter, flax seed oil, 0% fat greek yoghurt, lentils, sardines and salmon, all of which featured a lot in my diet this week:

Breakfast: This week my breakfast was initially based on 0% fat greek yoghurt with various toppings; blueberries, almond butter, crisp apples, crushed almonds, bananas, agave syrup and cinnamon. Eventually I ran out of yoghurt and switched to making oats with Sainsbury’s gluten-free oats.

Lunch and Dinner: I found potatoes give me a bread-like satisfaction so was sure to include them in my grocery shop. So for this week my meals included baked potatoes with spiced lentils (a great source of fibre and protein), the tastiest roast vegetable mix from Sweet on Exmouth Market, escovitch fish with rice and peas (thank you P x), spicy sardines and towards the end of the week gluten-free pasta (pictured above, recipe post coming soon).

#GlutenFreeFeb Roast Squash

Roast squash, sweet potato, carrot, tomato and mangetout

Sweet treats: For treats I tended to have swedish glace ice cream with fruit, either pineapple or dried mango. Also tried some gluten free cake options from Sainsbury’s but those turned out not to be so great… at all! Was going to share them here but this post is getting a little lengthy so I’ll share my gluten-free experiments in another post this week.

In the meantime…

You can follow/share updates using the #glutenfreefeb hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I also have some tasty gluten-free recipes to share with you but if there’s anything in particular you think I should try or you have any gluten-free tips and tricks, let me know in the comment below x

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