Awww you guys!

I just wanted to say Harlem officially loves you!

This blog is now just two weeks old (Happy Birthday to me!) and as a prezzie you guys have awarded me over 500 hits from nearly 70 cities around the world.

For this I am truly grateful and look forward to providing more of the things I love for your enjoyment, comments and sharing.

As a show of my appreciation please watch this quirky video of the GreyNautz. I received a link to their version of Happy Birthday from a friend who knows me all to well and loved it, so be sure to catch that one too.

The Greynautz, because you’re a jolly good fellow

Amongst many other things, I'm a 30-something contemplative Londoner making the daily commute between contentment and ambition.When not blogging, I'm using my talents for good as communications director at Gingerland and co-founder of Love Harlem.

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