Is 2014 the year of the Sapeur?

I’ve spotted a couple of incidences where the über-stylish Sapeurs seems to have been featured heavily. So much so it made me wonder how great an influence they’re likely to be in 2014?

I’ve mentioned the Sapeurs a few times on the blog the first was in relation to a book, the other was about a series of photographs, and the most recent was on their appearance in Solange’s Losing You Video.

A sapeur style takeover

Indeed, there seems to be a growing fascination with the members of the Congolese club formally known as the Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes (aka the Society of Atmosphere-setters and Elegant People). Recently they’ve popped up as the new faces of Guiness (see video above) and secondly on the Paul Smith catwalk as shared by model, Jeneil Williams.

A lesson in frugal fashion

Paul Smith aside, I have to say the Guiness documentary itself is very good and I especially loved how one Sape described how they managed their creativity on a budget:

Being a Sapeur is not about money. We borrow each other’s clothes. It’s not the cost of the suit that counts. It’s the worth of the man inside it

From a financial perspective, 2014 being the year of the Sapeur wouldn’t be bad at all. Fashion-wise, I’d love to see these looks takeover the streets of London.

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